1.  Announcements






If you’d like to add an announcement or a poster,

please email it to deaneryofwaterloo@gmail.com

Announcements:  Please make announcements brief (ideally one or two sentences), so they may be copied into a church bulletin.

Posters:  If you are sending a poster, please send as a separate attachment (not just text in the body of an email).  Thank you.

Thoughts for making an effective poster:  

  • If someone glanced at the poster while walking by, is there a relevent heading that is large enough they would see it and have some idea what the poster is about?
  • If a person didn’t know anything about your group, would they understand the poster?
  • If your poster includes acronyms, does it also include the full words somewhere on the poster?
  • Is there contact information or a website listed so people can find out more?
  • Does your poster very briefly answer the questions of Who, What, When, Where, and Why?