Marriage Canon Discussion

File 2017-05-03, 1 44 25 PM

General Synod 2016 passed a resolution to change the Marriage Canon (Canon XXI, On Marriage in the Church) so it will apply to “all persons who are duly qualified by civil law to enter into marriage.” This resolution will only come into effect after being passed by General Synod at a second reading (in 2019). Between the first (2016) and second (2019) reading, the resolution is to “be referred for consideration to diocesan and provincial synods.”

In the Diocese of Huron, this process of consideration will begin at Diocesan Synod 2017 with a workshop to introduce synod to the task and the resources available. It will then unfold at the deanery and diocesan levels over the next few years.  The objective of the process is to gather opinion, concerns, and recommendations to be forwarded to General Synod.

Its intent and aim is one of listening and discussion.

As such, and as per our Bishop’s directive, Diocesan Synod will not vote on the General Synod motion. (At the appropriate time, the Huron Synod will elect its representatives to General Synod 2019, who will attend and vote on the motion at its second reading.)

(Includes a brief overview of events and actions, as well as links to resources, from the Anglican Church of Canada, the Diocese of Huron, and across the Anglican Communion.)